Glycorex Transplantation AB (publ) and Chilean company Cardiotec Vascularis Ltda. (Cardiotec) has today signed a partnership agreement under which Cardiotec will represent Glycorex in the Chilean market, offering the full range of Glycorex products to their customers.


“We are very pleased to initiate the collaboration with Cardiotec and are looking forward to assist patients and hospitals in Chile with our state-of-the-art products, especially supporting medical staff during bloodgroup incompatible organ transplantation and minimizing the risk of post transplantation organ rejection to the benefit of the patients. And our UBP universal blood plasma column will be great help to ensure availability of sufficient plasma for transfusion, without the risk of blood group incompatibility” says Geert Nygaard, CEO of Glycorex and adds “The collaboration between our companies emphasize the need for high quality products in the field of transfusion and transplantation, and with Cardiotec’s position in the market, we are looking forward develop the market together”.


Andrea Vidal Paredes, General Manager of Cardiotec adds: “With Cardiotec’s strong position in the Chilean market and the addition of Glycorex’s portfolio of products, we strengthen our position in the market offering high quality products to our customers. We are looking forward to bringing the Glycorex products out to our customers and help patients needing a donor organ.”


Brief information about Cardiotec

Cardiotec Vascularis Ltda. is one of the leading companies supplying products for cardiology, oncology, ICU, and transplantations in Chile. With more the 10 years in the market, Cardiotec covers the market from the headquarter in Santiago, and office in Concepion. The company represents leading American, European and Asian manufacturers of high quality products.


Brief information about Glycorex

Glycosorb® ABO is one of Glycorex Transplantation AB’s self-developed proprietary medical devices that is used clinically in four continents to facilitate blood group-compatible transplants, especially in kidney transplants from related living donors, but the product is also used in liver, heart, lung and stem cell transplantation. The product has so far been used in more than 5,000 kidney transplants. The short-term and long-term results are excellent. The results have been presented in over 60 scientific articles in reputable medical journals. Each kidney transplant has been estimated to save up to SEK 5 million in dialysis costs alone. Each kidney transplant saves about 150 dialysis treatments per year, meaning that the over 5,000 kidney transplants performed after Glycosorb® treatments, can be estimated to save over 700,000 dialysis treatments per year. In addition to Europe, the product is used in India, Canada, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico and Australia, for example.

The company has also developed a CE-marked medical device for the development of universal blood plasma and are developing products for the specific reduction of autoantibodies in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, as well as products for specific reduction of galectins. The company also develops products for the simultaneous reduction of blood group A/B specific antibodies and HLA antibodies (tissue-specific antibodies). The company is collaborating with a leading European research institute to develop a product for the treatment of the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis. There are approximately 5 million patients in the EU who have this disease.

Glycorex Transplantation AB (publ) is listed on NGM Main Regulated Equity (Nordic Growth Market) and is traded under the symbol GTAB B.