Other projects

In addition to the RA and MG projects, Glycorex has the ambition to be able to conduct tests at a later stage to study and validate the effectiveness of two new products.


The first product binds selectively to galectins, but not to other proteins in plasma. Elevated levels of one or more plasma galectins have been shown to have a pro-inflammatory effect and be associated with a variety of diseases such as autoimmune diseases and cancer. The potential for this product is considered to be very high provided that the product is shown to have a clear clinical effect, for example in renal failure and/or metastatic cancer.


HLA antibodies

The second product is intended to reduce both blood group-specific antibodies and HLA antibodies. The results obtained are promising, both blood group antibodies and HLA antibodies are simultaneously reduced in blood plasma (in vitro). This makes it potentially possible to transplant regardless of blood group combination and whether the patient is HLA-sensitized or not.

Today, about 20 percent of all dialysis patients are estimated to be HLA-sensitized, that is, nearly half a million patients worldwide.

These two projects require continued development work before each product can be validated and registered.

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