Board of Directors and CEO

Board of Directors

Kurt Nilsson
Chairman of the board.
Member of the board since 1996.
Born 1953. Founder of Glycorex Transplantation AB and R&D Manager. Doctor of Engineering in chemistry and applied biochemistry at Lund University. Senior lecturer in biotechnology.
Shareholding including related parties: 3,268,000 A restricted shares and 3,979,051 B unrestricted shares. 

Johan Lavén
Member of the board since 2022.
Born 1973.
Trained anesthesia nurse. He has previously worked at BRAUN with responsibility for products and marketing (10 years), Apotek Hjärtat (1.5 years) Onemed (7 years). He currently works at Sedana Medical, previously as Global Distributor Manager (3 years) and now as Head of Distributor Sales.
Shareholding: 5,000 B unrestricted shares.

Nils Siegbahn 
Member of the board since 2021 (member and chairman of the company 2000-2009).
Born 1953.
Doctor of Technology in Chemistry and Applied Biochemistry at Lund University and M.Sc in Business and Economics at Stockholm School of Economics. Experience in research, former Marketing Director at Nicoretteand, CEO of several PerstorpB companies, Atos Medical, Pernovo, Alligator Bioscience and Niconovum. Management consultant at ACH Consultant (ongoing). Member of Sparbanksstiftelsen Syd Riskkapitalstyrelse, Celltrix AB and CanImGudie
Shareholding: 0 shares

Leni von Bonsdorff
Member of the board since 2021.
Born 1962.
PhD and EMBA with long experience in the plasma-derived medicine field in R&D, marketing and sales as well as leadership at among others Finnish Red Cross Blood Transfusion and Sanquin. Currently Executive Director at the International Plasma and Fractionation Association. Several positions of trust within technology academies in Finland. 
Shareholding: 0 shares

Torbjörn Axelsson
Member of the board since 2021.
Born 1960. Business and Economics at Lund University with more than 30 years of experience from various positions in economics and finance in several different industries, most recently as CFO at Bona AB.
Shareholding: 0 shares


Interim CEO

Johan Nilsson


Martin Henriksson
Auditor since 2022.
Authorized public accountant, Ernst & Young AB

Stefan Svensson
Deputy auditor since 2017.
Authorized public accountant, Ernst & Young AB

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