Board of Directors and CEO

Board of Directors

Kurt Nilsson
Chairman of the board
Born: 1953

Background and education: Founder and former CEO and Development and Product Manager at Glycorex Transplantation AB. Currently CEO of the subsidiary Glycoprobe. Doctor of Technology in Chemistry and Applied Biochemistry from Lund University. Associate Professor in Biotechnology.

Shareholdings, including related holdings: 3,268,000 A-shares and 3,959,051 B-shares.

Joakim Jagorstrand
Member of the board since 2023
Born: 1969

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Linnaeus University 1994, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Lund University 2005
Background: More than twenty years of international experience working in the fields of medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. His main expertise lies in marketing, sales, corporate management, strategy, and change processes, gained from positions at companies such as Pharmacia/Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Ferring, Gambro, and Roche. He currently serves as the Chairman of Digital Alfa Group AG in Switzerland. (Ongoing)

Shareholding: 0 shares

Fredrik Johansson
Member of the board since 2023
Born: 1988

Education and Background: Medical Doctorate from Lund University, active researcher, and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine. Author of scientific publications and textbooks. Experience in various leadership roles in national and international medical organizations. Engaged in private investments and portfolio management, particularly within the biotech and MedTech sectors for over 10 years.

Shareholding: Private and through companies: 37,500.

Roland Frösing
Member of the board since 2024
Born: 1960

Education and Background: Doctor of Medicine from the University of Gothenburg. 15 years of experience at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in various fields including surgery. Over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical technology companies: Pfizer, Fujisawa Scandinavia, Astellas Pharma, Mölnlycke, MediWound, Abigo Medical. Board assignments in, among others, S2Medical and RLS Global. Currently, Chief Medical Officer at Rewell Medical and Medical Adviser to Wellspect and Essity.

Shareholding: 0 shares

Interim CEO

Johan Nilsson
Born 1985

BSc International Business Administration Program at Lund University. Has worked in various roles since 2010, including serving as the CEO of the company 2013 to 2020 and most recently as the Head of Sales & Product Specialist.


Martin Henriksson
Auditor since 2022
Authorized public accountant, Ernst & Young AB

Stefan Svensson
Deputy auditor since 2017
Authorized public accountant, Ernst & Young AB

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