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Glycorex has developed a molecular level nanosurgical technology that specifically selects and removes antibodies in the blood. The method has opened up revolutionary new solutions in the field of transplantation, effective management of blood donor blood and treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Positive health economic effects

Since the first transplant in 2001, more than 6,000 transplants have been performed with Glycosorb® ABO in four continents and in many countries blood group incompatible transplants are now routinely performed. More than 60 scientific papers in reputable medical journals show excellent short- and long-term results fully comparable to blood group compatible transplants. Glycorex technology not only saves lives and improves patients’ quality of life, it also has very positive health economic effects. Each kidney transplant saves about 150 dialysis treatments per year, which means that the more than 6,000 kidney transplants performed after Glycosorb® ABO treatments, can be estimated to save over 900,000 dialysis treatments per year.


Glycorex helps lift complications in stem cell transplants

Another interesting area in which Glycorex is active is blood group incompatible stem cell transplants. After a stem cell transplant, it is important that the transplanted stem cells are allowed to mature and form new healthy blood cells. Once the stem cells have split and matured, they can form virtually all the cells of the blood. For this application, Glycosorb® ABO helps to reverse the complications that may arise around the formation of red blood cells.


Glycorex expands to new application areas

Glycorex is now entering an expansive phase with the development of new solutions and treatments based on the company’s unique technology platform. Glycorex has recently launched a new product version designed to be used for donated plasma to produce universal blood plasma that can be given regardless of the recipient’s blood group, which means major improvements in the logistics, safety and availability for blood donor centers.

The company is also developing new treatments for severe autoimmune diseases. Our main focus is currently on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – a disease that affects around five million people in Europe. Within the company’s research and development work there are also other interesting projects to further broaden the product portfolio.

By expanding the product offering and intensifying the market penetration, Glycorex has the ambition to create improved treatment opportunities for patients worldwide and thus create great medical and financial value.



  • Glycosorb® UBP to produce universal blood plasma CE-marked in June and launch begins.
  • Within the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) project biocompatibility studies are completed paving the way for a clinical study in RA patients.


  • Glycosorb® ABO delivered to a heart center in Hong Kong.
  • First blood group incompatible liver transplant with Glycosorb® ABO in Mexico.
  • Development of the UBP-product finalized and presented at congress in the US.


  • First transplant in Mexico.


  • Breakthrough for heart transplants in children. Treatment results published.


  • Excellent long-term results published by Swedish and German centers


  • First transplants in Canada, India and Malaysia.


  • First transplant in Asia (Singapore).


  • The first transplant outside Sweden performed in Belgium.


  • Listing on NGM Equity.
  • First transplant (Sweden).
  • Clinical approval in the EU.


  • Glycorex Transplantation AB is founded and established in Lund, Sweden.

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