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Glycorex’s unique molecular level technology that specifically selects and removes antibodies in the blood has opened up revolutionary treatments and solutions in healthcare. The company’s medical devices enable transplants across the blood groups saving lives and providing health economic benefits by increasing the number of transplants. The company’s technology to treat blood is applied in several health care settings and a new unique product has recently been launched with the potential to increase availability of blood plasma. Several revolutionary products for the treatment of autoimmune diseases are under development.

One factor that keeps the number of transplants down is the limited availability of donated organs. This is where Glycorex can play a crucial role. We have developed a unique nano surgical technology that specifically selects and removes antibodies in the blood. This means that organ transplants can be done over the blood group barrier. Close relatives can thereby more easily donate a kidney regardless of blood type. Our method has been used clinically since 2001 and enabled more than 6,000 blood group incompatible transplants on four continents.

Glycorex possesses unique knowledge in biologically active carbohydrates and extracorporeal blood treatments, which we translate into revolutionary medical devices that improve and save lives in the field of transplantation. In addition to kidney transplants, our product, Glycosorb® ABO, is used in several other types of transplants, such as liver, heart and stem cell transplants. More than 60 scientific papers with Glycosorb® ABO show excellent short- and long-term results fully comparable to blood group compatible transplants. Thanks to Glycosorb® ABO, blood group incompatible transplants are now routinely performed in many countries.

With our unique technology as a base, we are currently expanding into new interesting applications. In the area of transfusion medicine, we have recently launched a product intended to be used for donated plasma to produce universal blood plasma which can be given regardless of the recipient’s blood group, which means major improvements in logistics, safety and availability.

The focus of our development work is now to develop new treatments for severe autoimmune diseases. Our main focus is currently on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – a disease that has affected around five million people in Europe.

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