Glycosorb® ABO – product information

The Glycosorb® ABO product range consists of three sub-products

Glycosorb® A column, Glycosorb® B column and Glycosorb® A/B column, which are used depending on the blood group of the donor and recipient. The A/B column is primarily designed for transplantation from deceased donors and during transplants from blood group AB to blood group 0. The product is based on biologically active carbohydrates found on various proteins, cells and tissues in the body. These substances are generally known as effective and non-toxic biological substances.

Treatment procedure

The procedure is to continuously treat the recipient’s blood plasma with Glycosorb® ABO until the antibodies in the patient that react to foreign blood groups, are selectively removed from the patient’s blood. As a result, the body does not repel the transplanted organ at a later stage. Treatment takes between one and five hours depending on the patient’s weight. Glycosorb® ABO is used all the way from children under one year of age to adults over 100 kilograms.


Use with existing hospital equipment

According to current protocols, one to three treatments are normally performed before the transplantation and, if necessary, additional post-transplant treatment may be performed. The product is registered as a ‘single use device’ and a new column is used for each treatment. In addition to Glycosorb® ABO, immunosuppressive drugs are also used before and after transplantation in the same way as for blood group compatible transplants. Glycosorb® ABO is compatible with today’s dialysis equipment and therefore no investments in additional equipment are required.

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