On December 8, 2022, Johan Lavén took over as the new CEO of Glycorex with the task of implementing the company's growth strategy by expanding the company's operations in the transplant area globally, commercializing the company's product in universal blood plasma and initiating preparations for the clinical study of Glycorex's product for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Since taking office, Johan, together with the Board of Directors, has conducted a review of the company's opportunities and decided to strengthen the organization in three central areas: marketing, sales, and quality work.

“I have now worked at Glycorex Transplantation since December, and I am very impressed by the staff's knowledge and commitment to globally give more patients access to a unique and well-proven technology that allows more kidney patients to be transplanted and thus regain the quality of life that comes from not being dialyzed several times a week. The organization is now fully focused on delivering on our Going 4 Growth strategy that holds great growth opportunities in a number of areas, short-term as well as long-term. To add further strength to this work, Glycorex has recruited Stina Sandberg to the position of Head of Marketing and Henrik Johansson as new Quality Manager. In addition to this, Johan Nilsson, with his long experience of Glycorex and the transplant market, has been appointed Head of Sales. With these new recruitments and the rest of the team at Glycorex, we now have the initial resources we need to systematically start delivering on our strategy,” says Johan Lavén.

Stina Sandberg is a trained nurse with over 20 years of experience from national and global commercial roles in various Life Science companies. Stina comes most recently from a role as Head of Global Marketing at Sedana Medical and has previously worked at AstraZeneca, Crucell and Shire. “I am excited to join Glycorex and to be able to help reduce patients' waiting time for life-saving organ transplants worldwide. I also look forward to being part of the journey to establish the company's unique technology in other therapeutic areas,” Stina Sandberg comments.

Henrik Johansson is a trained chemist and has 15 years of experience from Life Science-company. He has mainly worked in quality but also with production and R&D. Henrik comes from the role as Quality Manager at Sever Pharma Solutions but has previously held the same position at Glycorex Transplantation. “Glycorex Transplantation is a company with a high-quality awareness that permeates the entire organization and I look forward to coming back with my new experiences and contribute to develop the company's quality work," says Henrik Johansson.

Johan Nilsson, former CEO and who has been with the company for almost 13 years, comments: “The company's journey has been varied during the time I have had the privilege of being involved. Glycosorb® ABO is considered state-of-the-art in blood group incompatible transplants and there are very interesting expansion opportunities both to existing and new markets. Now that the effects of the pandemic have subsided, we are again looking forward to growing the company. I look forward with confidence to leading our sales organization. Our immediate focus is on expanding our commercial reach across all product variants.”


Johan Lavén, CEO
Glycorex Transplantation AB
E-mail: info@glycorex.se
Phone: + 46 46-286 52 30

Brief information about the company

Glycosorb® ABO is one of Glycorex Transplantation AB's self-developed proprietary medical devices that is used clinically in four continents to facilitate blood group-compatible transplants, especially in kidney transplants from related living donors, but the product is also used in liver, heart, lung, and stem cell transplantation. The product has so far been used in more than 5,000 kidney transplants. The short-term and long-term results are excellent. The results have been presented in over 60 scientific articles in reputable medical journals. Each kidney transplant has been estimated to save up to SEK 5 million in dialysis costs alone. Each kidney transplant saves about 150 dialysis treatments per year, meaning that the over 5,000 kidney transplants performed after Glycosorb® treatments, can be estimated to save over 700,000 dialysis treatments per year. In addition to Europe, the product is used in India, Canada, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, and Australia, for example.

The company has also developed a CE-marked medical device product for the production of universal blood plasma and are developing products for the specific reduction of autoantibodies in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. The company is collaborating with a leading European research institute to develop a product for the treatment of the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis. There are approximately 5 million patients in the EU who have this disease.

Glycorex Transplantation AB (publ) is listed on NGM Main Regulated Equity (Nordic Growth Market) and is traded under the symbol GTAB B.